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GO Teams

Loving people outside the church walls.

Jesus has called the church to "GO" -- in order to fulfill this mission we have launched an outreach focused ministry team to accomplish the specific vision God has given us for our local community. The GO Team will interact directly with the neighboring communities serving them through various projects and initiatives! They are constantly on the lookout for ways to practically serve our neighbors, show the love of Christ, and share the good news!

Image by Calle Macarone

The Family Pantry

The Family Pantry team provides emergency food assistance to community neighbors in need! This team operates as an approved Mid-Ohio Foodbank pantry location on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of every month. 

Caring Connections

The Caring Connections Team provides follow-up communication between FBC and the community! They send cards, mailings, and notes of care to the community. Their goal is to let the community know that FBC cares about them and their needs.

Image by Sam LaRussa
Image by Anna Earl

Community Events

The GO Team is like your friendly neighborhood squad, teaming up with the community to make things happen! They throw awesome community events, get their hands dirty with practical service, and sprinkle that Christ-like love to make the neighborhood a better place to live. All of our events are part of our effort to help every person find and follow Jesus! 🙌

Recovery Group

The Fellowship Recovery Group, an welcoming church ministry dedicated to providing a haven of support and healing. Join us every Saturday at 10am in Room 106 for a transformative journey towards recovery. We embrace everyone with open arms, fostering an environment free of judgment. For more information, please reach out to the church office at 614.837.5807.

Jesus Saves
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