GO Teams

Loving people outside the church walls.

Jesus has called the church to "GO" -- in order to fulfill this mission we have launched outreach focused ministry teams to accomplish the specific vision God has given us for our local community.

Image by Calle Macarone

5K Food Pantry

The Go Team 5000 Food Pantry Team will establish a system that will provide the needs of those individuals and families in the community that is in need of emergency food assistance! Their goal is to provide a functioning and operating food pantry that will serve those families who look to FBC for food assistance! 

Caring Connections

The Go Team Caring Connections Team will provide follow up communication between FBC and the community! They will send cards, mailings etc. to the community extending and encouraging a positive relationship between FBC and its neighbors! Their goal is to let the community know that FBC cares about them and their needs! 

Image by Sam LaRussa

1st Connections

The Go Team First Connections Team will be the communication tool for the intake process between the FBC GoTeam and the community! They will be the starting point of contact for all persons contacting the church for assistance! Their goal is to be the directive and sometimes the solution to the needs of individuals contacting FBC for assistance!

Good Works

The Go Team Good Works Team will interact directly with the FBC community providing Good Works actions and deeds to our neighbors! Their Go Team role will be to create events, activities and services to individuals and families in the FBC community to provide a positive  relationship between the two!

Image by Anna Earl

Kingdom Builders

The Go Team Kingdom Builders Team will be an interactive and personal contact between FBC and its neighbors! The team will be the evangelistic link sharing the love of Jesus to those individuals and families on behalf of FBC! They will provide a welcoming  invitation for these people to visit one of our church services! They will seek feed back from the people to help FBC better serve the community!