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Online Giving

Generosity glorifies God

The Bible teaches that giving is a part of growing in our faith. It is a response to God’s good gifts to us, and it is an act of worship toward Him.


If you are visiting our website, but FBC is not your church family, we do not expect you to give. There is no obligation to give at any of our worship services. However, if FBC is your church home, or if the Lord has touched your heart about supporting His work here at FBC, we hope this tool will help you to abound in the grace of giving.

Faith Promise Giving is our way to fund support for ministries and missionaries around the world.  Your faith promise commitment is your offering given by faith, above your tithe, to support worldwide missions. 

Ways to Give

  • Will I be singled out?
    The short answer is, no. We do not single you out or ask you to give a speech when you visit. Our church is large enough that you are able to come for a visit and “blend” in if you want to. Our church also loves new guests and you will likely meet several friendly people before the service even starts.
  • What should I wear?
    The most important thing is that you are here with us! Our church is made up of many generations that choose to dress in what is comfortable for them. No need to dress up, but if you want to…that’s ok too!
  • Is your church safe?
    We work hard to maintain a safe environment that every person can worship freely in without fear. Our safety measures include uniformed officers, trained church safety team volunteers, medical volunteers, video camera systems, and intentional child safety policies.
  • Is your building handicap accessible?
    100% of our buildings are handicap accessible and we are working to make access even easier! All the facilities we use for adult worship and regular activities are completely accessible to wheelchair and scooter users. We also have plenty of handicap parking spaces near the doors. We offer a valet parking service to anyone needing assistance. We have a designated, private handicap accessible restroom near the auditorium. Unfortunately all of our doors require you to manually open them. Please call ahead to let us know how we can best help you.
  • Do you offer services for the deaf?
    Sign language interpreters help communicate the sermon for each of our worship services. Please let our greeters know your need upon arrival and we will show you exactly where to go.
  • What is the music like?
    Our services offer a blend of traditional and modern styles of worship music. We love to sing hymns and believe God has blessed the church with great new songs as well. If you want to catch a glimpse of our worship services, the best place to go is on our Facebook page. There, you can find past services and see for yourself what we are all about!
  • What Bible version do you use?
    We use the King James Version (KJV) of the Bible for all of our teaching and preaching.
  • What denomination is this church?
    Fellowship Baptist Church is not part of any denomination or larger organization of churches. We are an independent church which holds to the Baptist distinctives and fundamental doctrines of the Christian faith.


 Download The Church Center mobile app on your smartphone, or give online via your computer. You can set up recurring gifts, one-time gifts, and view your donor profile. Using the ACH option to reduce fees.


Give by sending a text with any amount to 84321. After a one-time setup process, you can give by a quick text message. Click below to watch a short video about text message giving.


Utilize giving boxes to give by cash or check. Boxes are located on the walls near the information desk in the lobby and in the auditorium.


Most banks allow the option to send a check to the church through their online bill pay feature. This option avoids all processing fees on our end and allows you to set up recurring donations.

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