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Tony Liuzzo

Lead Pastor



Pastor Tony has served as the lead pastor at Fellowship Baptist Church for over 14 years. Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, Tony moved to Alabama at the age of eight, where he was blessed to grow up in a Christian home with parents who instilled in him a love for God. He met his wife, Jenny, at Pensacola Christian College in 1995, and they got married on May of 1997.

Together, Tony and Jenny have been happily married for almost 26 years and have three adult children, Jordan, Logan, and Morgan.

In 2006, Tony transitioned from youth pastor to assistant pastor to help lead the adult ministries in the church. During these years, God allowed Tony to serve alongside of the senior pastor, Dr. William Dinoff, who had founded and led the church for over 43 years. Due to some health problems with the senior pastor, God used Tony as the intern pastor, which led to Pastor Dinoff presenting Tony as the next lead pastor of the church.  God blessed this transition in a big way and Tony then became the lead pastor of Fellowship Baptist Church in December of 2008.  God allowed Tony and the pastor Dinoff to serve together in unity for the next 5 years before God took pastor Dinoff home to heaven in 2013.

In addition to his family and church responsibilities, Tony serves as the President of the mission board B.E.M.A., which ministers to and supports over 150 missionaries and mission works around the world.

Tony's commitment to his family, his church, and his community is unwavering, and he continues to lead by example, living out his faith in all aspects of his life.

Tony Liuzzo
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