Up Project Announcement Video

What is the UP Accessibility Fund?

We are starting a new future where church is accessible to everyone.

Including those using a wheelchair. In order to make our children’s ministry areas 100% handicap accessible we need to raise just over 127,000. This money will go directly toward three different wheelchair lifts and will provide access to every floor in our facility. The UP Accessibility Fund is open now for online donation on our website at www.fbc.family/give and also on the Church Center app.

How are we going to do this?

Project #1: Fold-up Inclined Platform Lift 

This first lift will provide access to three necessary levels used by our children’s ministry. This inclined platform will lift a wheelchair up the stairs from the west entrance all the way up to the office level / game area.

Click to view a video demonstration here.

Project #2: Vertical Platform Lift 

This second lift will provide an “elevator” type access from Big City to Kids town. We will be building a drywall shaft around this platform lift.

Project #3: Fold-up Inclined Platform Lift 

This final lift will complete the accessibility from the Big City level to the main lobby.

View a video of this type of lift here.