Spiritual Gifts Survey

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How well do these statements describe you?

Please mark your level of agreement to the statements from red (strongly disagree) to green (strongly agree).

Some say projects are more important to me than people are.

I am “pushy” and demanding—driving people to the limit.

I prefer a “behind the scenes” role. I am not an “up front” person.

I am always looking for practical ways to help.

I am always uplifting those who are around me.

I enjoy a team effort more than doing the work myself.

I am sometimes accused of being too soft on sin.

People often tell me that I helped them understand things better.

Others have told me that I would make a good preacher.

I am a “take charge” person who can usually bring order out of chaos.

I sometimes have a sense of how things will turn out, and I am generally right.

I tend to be optimistic—always giving hope.

I find it almost impossible to say no to others.

I love ministering to the sick, to the poor, and to the handicapped.

I sometimes feel I know exactly what God wants to do at a specific point in time.

Disorganized messages (with no outline) irritate me.

I enjoy presenting truth in a logical, systematic way.

People who talk about problems, but never take action, irritate me.

I love to do personal counseling.

I enjoy helping others to get their work done, and don't need a lot of public recognition.

I enjoy serving people, knowing that I am a blessing to them and the Lord.

I often stop to help motorists in trouble (if not dangerous).

I give cheerfully and liberally, often above what is expected.

I tend to see things as black or white, true or false, or good or evil.

I sometimes get irritated when others don’t jump in to help.

I am motivated to give unto the Lord at His prompting, not man’s.

I get upset with people who use verses out of context.

I don't mind hanging out with all different kinds of people, especially when it helps their feelings.

When giving to God’s work, it is important that I consult with my spouse.

People tease me about being a “cheerleader”.

I want to help others by giving them specific steps to follow.

I am attracted to people who are hurting or in distress.

I desire to make wise purchases and investments in order to provide more resources for the Lord.

I sense great satisfaction from helping others.

I am able to discern wise investments so as to have more to give.

When people ask my advice, I suggest a definite course of action.

People tease me about being a “bookworm”.

I am an easy mark for stray animals, especially if they are hurt.

I am a goal-oriented person.

I am energized when the Holy Spirit uses me to challenge people to obey God’s Word.

I have specific goals for my future and have set plans to achieve them.

I prefer systematic Bible teaching as opposed to a series of unrelated topics.

When I make a financial contribution, I desire to share in the life and ministry that I am giving to.

I am concerned that the truth be presented in its completed context and am disturbed when scripture is used out of context.

I hate chaos and I will take the lead when things are unorganized.

I am not afraid to confront people over sin or to make them aware of the consequences of their sin.

I enjoy studying the Bible and sharing what I've learned with others.

I tend to lack firmness with people unless I can see how it will benefit them.

I am able to organize ideas, tasks, people, and time effectively.

It is important to be involved in meeting the church’s financial need.

When people are in my home, I like to wait on them “hand and foot.”

I am so black and white in my thinking that I sometimes alienate other well-meaning Christians.

I find it difficult to delegate; it is usually easier to do the job myself.

I can organize people and delegate easily.

My basis for what I believe to be true is founded solely on biblical truth.

I have an ability to test faithfulness by how people handle funds.

People in emotional distress often come to me for comfort.

I tend to see a person's potential, and push them to reach their full spiritual maturity.

Others tell me that I am a good listener.

I find it easy to motivate people to do the right thing.

I have a strong belief that all I have belongs to God, and I want to take care of what He's given to me.

I sometimes have uncanny insight into people’s private lives.

I enjoy public speaking and teaching.

I have a desire to give gifts that are of high quality.

I speak with boldness and conviction about things that God wants others to know.

I enjoy finding answers to questions through in-depth research.

I have a desire to give quietly without public notice.

Even in failure, I see the potential in people.

Sometimes I have a “spiritual hunch” about things or people… and usually I'm right about them.

I want to help people have the right relationships with one another.

I tend not to care how small or unpopular a job is. To me it is an act of worship and service.

I seem to have an extraordinary compassion for those who are in need.

I am very sensitive to the emotional state of others.

I usually desire to start a new challenge when a previous task is completed.

I am reluctant to confront people; I don’t want to hurt them.

I find it easy to illustrate spiritual truths and make them clear.

I am able to encourage others, even when I am suffering.

What ministry team are you interested in?

Please mark your level of passion from red (none) to green (strong).

First Impressions
(Guest Experience, Ushers, Valet Parking, Check-in, Connecting Point, Safety)
(Guest Follow-up, Starting Point, Administrative Support)
Small Groups
(Life Groups, Moms Connect, Adult Bible Fellowships)
(Hospital Visits, Benevolence, Counseling)
(Sound, Lights, Video Production, Photography, Graphic Design)
(Prayer Team, Baptism, Bookstore, New Believers)
FBC Kids
(Nursery, AWANA, Sunday School, Jr. Church, Cadets for Christ, Special Needs)
(Worship Team, Choir, Band, Orchestra)
(Community Events, Trick or Treat, Young at Heart, Easter Drama, Prison Ministry, Food Pantry)
Student Ministry
(Middle School, High School, Emerge [College & Career])

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