Meet Pastor Tony

Tony Liuzzo | Lead Pastor

From Pastor Tony:

I have had the privilege to be part of the Fellowship family since August of 2000, and it has been an incredible blessing to me and my family.  This all started with a burden that God gave me as a teenager.  I felt led to be part of ministry, but I was not sure in what direction.  I went to Pensacola Christian College for a Computer Science degree, and I had planned to minor in youth ministries.  It was during this first year in college that I met my wife, Jenny.  This first year was life changing for me because God convicted my heart that I needed to surrender to full-time ministry.   That summer, I followed God’s leading, proposed to Jenny, and started my journey to attend Trinity Baptist College to become a youth pastor.

Jenny and I graduated from Trinity Baptist College, and I was given the opportunity to be the full-time youth pastor at Fellowship Baptist in the summer of 2000.  It was an honor to serve under the leadership of the founding Pastor, William Dinoff.  I served as the youth pastor for six years.  During this time, God blessed us with three great kids, Jordan, Logan, and Morgan. After six years of being the youth pastor, God transitioned me to assistant pastor.  Two years later, Pastor Dinoff experienced some health problems that prohibited him from continuing as lead pastor.  In December of 2008, I was brought before the church as the new lead pastor.  This was such an amazing opportunity for me.  I feel beyond blessed to serve in this capacity.  I love my church, and I love serving as the leader of such amazing people. 

Fellowship is way more than a church that we attend; it is our family and our home.  My position allows me to lead a great staff, cast vision, preach, teach, and work with a church family that loves to make a difference.  I do not want to “just get by.”  I want to lead a church that is passionate for Jesus and strives to make an eternal difference for the glory of God!

-Pastor Tony


Tony and Jenny have been married since May 10, 1997.  Their family enjoys mission trips, vacationing, Mexican food, and fun adventures together.


  • Jordan (03/01/01)
  • Logan (05/19/03)
  • Morgan (05/23/06)

Spiritual Gifts

  • Prophecy / Preaching
  • Mercy
  • Teaching

Areas of Responsibility

  • Vision of the Church
  • Preaching and Teaching
  • Staff Oversight
  • Prime-timers Ministry
  • BEMA Mission Board President
We have no big shots, it’s never about us, it’s all about God.